STORY: Mr. Fix-It, his wife calls him. She felt safer with him at home, and he helped look after the children, especially the baby. He lingers at the door before leaving the house to meet Sarah, whom his wife knows but does not suspect, and with her go to a house on a lake his wife knows nothing about.
Can-Can is a bittersweet story about marriage and infidelity, trust and betrayal. As David leaves his wife Helen at home to go to another woman, Helen does something completely unexpected—she begins to dance. She was still dancing as he left the house…
SETTING: A Boston-based production, Can-Can will be mostly filmed on location in Boston and Cape Cod, MA. Since Arturo Vivante originally wrote the story with his quaint Wellfleet house in mind, we would like to keep the majority of the production in Wellfleet and stay true to Arturo's vision. Located some seventy-five miles out into the Atlantic Ocean, on the outer end of Cape Cod, Wellfleet's seaside charm provides the perfect setting for this story.. [pictures of Wellfleet coming soon]
Can-Can is a short independent film by Lulu Wang, based on the story by Arturo Vivante.
Director/Producer: Lulu Wang. Cinematography: Demian Barba. Editor: Tony Hale. Artwork by Grace Marlier. Can-Can was filmed on location in Cape Cod. For more info, please email