What's In A Name?

My producer friend Daxing asked to introduce me to his Chinese partner to discuss my project. His partner is a Mr.Liang, who runs a major Chinese production company in Los Angeles. I mentioned to Daxing that I happened to know another woman at that same company - we'll call her Li Jin. Daxing wrote back asking me to set my meeting with Mr.Liang directly through Amber. Thinking I must've missed something, I searched our email chain for clues. Finally, I wrote to him: "Who is Amber? I don't know any Amber?" 

Daxing responded: "Li is Amber." Because of course, that should be obvious. 

The Chinese often use their Chinese and English names interchangeably depending on the setting and who they're dealing with. But to make matters more confusing, it's not uncommon for someone to change their English chosen name if they come across one they like better. So a man named Bo Qiu (Chinese name) or Johnny (English name), might suddenly decide one day that he'd rather be known as Leo.